Founding Farmers

Now, I have dined at Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C. before and didn’t have such a favorable experience but decided to give it another unbiased try. It was raining outside and all I could think of was the comforting Chicken Pot Pie I had seen on the menu my last visit. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to have something to warm me up on a day that couldn’t be more dreary.

I walked in and immediately greeted the host at the host stand (yes, I greeted the host). I told him that I was dining alone and asked him whether or not it would be easier for me to grab a table or sit at the bar. The host nonchalantly stated I should go with the bar and thus, I happily found a seat.

It was late afternoon. There were three patrons aside from myself and two bartenders on either side of the bar. I was so beside myself with excitement that I didn’t mind having to wait to be greeted by a bartender, after all, my Chicken Pot Pie was right around the corner. After five minutes of sitting there without anyone saying two words to me and with not a glass of water to wet my lips I was forced to politely take matters into my own hands. The bartender directly in front of me (yes, literally directly in front of me) was immersed in conversation with who appeared to be a gentleman friend. My next option was to ask the other bartender who was technically more occupied but also more engaged in his duties.

Ah, lo and behold! I just so happened to place the face of the “occupied” bartender. In fact, I had served in a restaurant with him years and years ago. All of my culinary prayers had been answered. I flagged him down from the other end of the bar and he not only took my order (classic Devil-ish Eggs and the Chicken Pot Pie), but also suggested and made me a delicious New York Sour.

After approximately five minutes, all was forgiven. I had my beverage and my first course of Devil-ish Eggs. The Devil-ish Eggs were truly your basic deviled egg and had a home-style taste. The only thing I did not enjoy about them was the abundance of white onion and chive. The onion was entirely too overpowering for the amount of filling; had there just been the chive sprinkled on top they would have been delicious.

Founding Farmer Devil-ish Eggs

Founding Farmer Devil-ish Eggs

I cannot say in confidence that I would order the Devil-ish Eggs again but that was quite alright because my Chicken Pot Pie with delectable filling and flaky crust was on the way and my second drink was poured. Life was good.

I opened a book and read for about twenty minutes before realizing my main course had not come. I looked to my left and a patron who had just arrived placed his order, but still no feedback was given as to the status of my own.

Ten more minutes pass and the patrons to my left and to my right received their food. I looked down at the sight before me. An empty glass and three warm Devil-ish Eggs stood alone with still no updates about my food.

Fifteen minutes later (making it a grand total of 45 minutes), there was no Chicken Pot Pie, no update, no water re-fill, and no old acquaintance in sight.

I felt I had no choice but to cancel my order.  I had completely lost my appetite and any future craving for Founding Farmers Washington, D.C.  I left disappointed, dejected, and worst of all…hungry.

I can only hope that this was a fluke and that Founding Farmers will live up to its reputation in the future. I, unfortunately, will have to hear about it second-hand.

1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006
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2 thoughts on “Founding Farmers

  1. Yes, I’ve had similar experiences before in the past with a couple of restaurants. I support your decision to walking out. It appears Founding Farmers are losing their ability to focus on both their customers and customer service.

  2. Yes, I have visited the location in Montgomery County and had the same issue of not receiving service at the bar. Last time I went I asked to sit at a table and was still directed to the bar. I had complained on the Yelp about my customer service concerns and received a response. The bar service was better, but the bartender really didn’t look like his heart was into it. Not sure what is wrong with the people they are hiring there. The food is delicious though!

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